Sunday October 1, 3PM: David Giannini and Vivian Shipley

Sunday October 1, 3PM: David Giannini and Vivian Shipley

David Giannini’s most recently published collections of poetry include FACES SOMEWHERE WILD (Dos Madres Press), SPAN OF THREAD (Cervena Barva Press), AZ TWO (Adastra Press), a “Featured Book” in the 2009 Massachusetts Poetry Festival; and RIM/WAVE (Quale Press). 14 of his chapbooks were published 2013-17 including INVERSE MIRROR, a collaboration with artist, Judith Koppel. His work appears in national and international literary magazines and anthologies. He was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2015. Awards include: Massachusetts Artists Fellowship Awards; The Osa and Lee Mays Award For Poetry; an award for prose poetry from the University of Florida; and a 2009 Finalist Award from the Naugatuck Review. He has been a gravedigger; beekeeper; taught at Williams College, The University of Massachusetts, and Berkshire Community College, as well as preschoolers and high school students, among others. Giannini was the Lead Rehabilitation Counselor for Compass Center, which he co-founded as the first rehabilitation clubhouse for severely and chronically mentally ill adults in the northwest corner of Connecticut.

CSU Distinguished Professor, Vivian Shipley teaches at SCSU. The Poet (SLU) and Perennial (Negative Capability Press, Mobile, AL), nominated for the Pulitzer Prize and 2016 Paterson Poetry Prize Finalist were published in 2015. All of Your Messages Have Been Erased, (SLU, 2010) won 2011 Paterson Award for Sustained Literary Achievement, NEPC’s Sheila Motton Book Award , and CT Press Club’s Prize for Best Creative Writing. Shipley won 2015’s Hackney Literary Award for Poetry and has also won PSA’s Lucille Medwick Prize, Robert Frost Foundation’s Poetry Prize, USC’s Ann Stanford Poetry Prize, Marble Faun Poetry Prize from am Faulkner Society, NEPC’s Daniel Varoujan Prize and Kent State’s Hart Crane Prize.

Reading starts with an Open Mike.

Charter Oak Cultural Center
21 Charter Oak Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106

Free event.

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